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Bringing It In.

It is inevitable that every Behavioral Healthcare provider at some point will have the thought of bringing their billing "in-house".

The main deterrent of that thought is fear. Fear that there will be a disruption in cash flow, fear that the person they hire to manage the billing will not be effective. Well those fears will all come to fruition if the process is not done correctly.

Our team is expertly trained and have acquired the experience to ensure those fears never become reality! We have converted more than $150 million of behavioral healthcare providers’ billed services to an in-house model.

Enhancing your in-house team.

You have taken the leap of faith and have brought your billing in-house. In your opinion, the person you hired to lead the billing team is doing a great job.

But what standards are this “great job” based on? Behavioral healthcare providers do not have the technical knowledge in commercial insurance billing to provide an accurate evaluation of their billing team’s performance. As a result, the in-house billing team can cost healthcare providers hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in uncollected reimbursements due from the insurance companies.

We have the most superior billing standards in the industry! These standards are used as a base to effectively evaluate your billing team’s ability to capture all reimbursements due from insurance carriers. Based on the results, we will identify the areas of deficiencies and provide the training needed to correct. Once we are involved in the strategies and implementations of your in-house billing operation, your team will be capturing all amounts due from commercial carriers and there will be no monies left on the table.